Welcome to the town of Pavones, Costa Rica!

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Pavones Costa Rica
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The Town  

The  name Pavones is taken after the Pavon (A fairly large land bird once common in  this area). The area of Pavones encompasses 10 miles of various beaches lining  the southeast end of the pristine Golfo Dulce. Rio Claro is the largest and  clearest river to empty into the gulf in the Pavones area and is the site of  the world famous surfbreak, perhaps the longest warm water left point break on  the planet. Traveling surfers put Pavones on the map, but in more recent years  the area has become well known as a naturalist's destination as a birder's  dream spot and an area that always stays green throughout the year. Over 275  species of birds, including the scarlet macaw, chestnut mandibled toucan and the  fiery billed toucan inhabit the lush rainforest covering the hills that rise above  the beautiful beaches. There are over 30 species of hummingbird.

Aside  from birds, there is a vast array of rare plant, animal, reptile and aquatic  life inhabiting such a relatively small area that the concentration overall is  often magical. Three types of monkeys are common!

While  the population is still largely Costa Rican with Spanish most commonly spoken,  an international community of foreign residents has formed with more than a  dozen countries represented bringing their various contributions to Pavones.

Although  quaint in nature in comparison to other larger beach towns in Costa Rica,  Pavones has a number of restaurants offering typical Costa Rican food, Pizza  and Italian food, an upscale Brazilian styled buffet as well as vegetarian  food. There are two small hardware stores in the area and a small but nicely  stocked supermarket. There is also a little store right in the center of town  at the soccer field. The area adjacent to the soccer field nearest the beach is  being turned into a park with benches and a few things for the kids to play on.

The  area has developed a wide variety of outdoor adventures and activities to  supplement the sport of surfing. Sport fishing is extremely popular, as the  Golfo Dulce and Pacific beyond produces world record catches in many categories.  Although well known among serious fisherman, our area is arguably the best and  least known fishery in Costa Rica!

Sea  Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and even Kite Surfing is becoming popular among those  who come visit.

Hiking  in the rain forest to observe wild life is always exciting! Waterfalls, shallow  riverbeds, up in the treetops or on the forest floor it seems there is always  something new to see! Biking the coastal road is a great way to see the beaches  and forest as well as to interact with the friendly local Ticos. A horseback  ride can be a thrilling gallop along the sandy shore or a slow climb up through  wooded trails to panoramic lookouts on the mountain ridges.

Punta  Banco; a seaside hamlet near Pavones is known for its densely forested hills  and the sea turtles who come to lay their eggs.

There  is a wonderful open air beachfront yoga studio (Shooting Star Studio) for those  who want to take classes from a qualified instructor or simply to continue their  practice of yoga while on vacation. Licensed massage therapists are also available  for a relaxing rub or a vigorous therapeutic session. There is a Surf School  (Venus Surf Adventures) or you can contract with a local to teach you how to  ride the waves.

You ¬†will find the Pavones area has a typically higher concentration of the Guaymi ¬†Indian who¬īs women still move about in traditional dresses.

 Just across the gulf is the Osa Peninsula and  Corcovado National Park, the place National Geographic Magazine calls "the  most biologically intense place on Earth!" The Osa, as we call it is  easily accessed from Pavones by boat and makes for a wonderful day visit! You  can also overnight over there and we can arrange to have a boat come pick you  up when you are ready to come back!

Pavones  is many things to many people; adventure, nature, sport, relaxation, tropical  get a way, peace and quiet and fun! It is Costa Rica's last frontier or its  future horizon depending on how you want to see it! It is what you think of  when dreaming of a tropical paradise to go visit! Come Visit! We would enjoy  being your hosts!