Pavones Best Rentals, Pavones, Costa Rica

About Us

Our History

Imagine you´ve bought a property in the Pavones-Golfito area and you need someone or a Company to handle all your affairs while you are here; more importantly, while you are away! That´s where we come in! We are a Property Management Company that takes this worry from you allowing you to enjoy your time while in Costa Rica.

We handle disbursements of payments to all concerns, whether it´s your power bill, your property taxes, to those who clean your house or the person on sight who care takes your property. We coordinate all activities of those who work at or on your house and make sure they have the proper supplies.

We work with lawyers to assist you in all legal aspects or with the municipality. Fully bilingual, we translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English doing everything possible to avoid misunderstandings that few companies are capable of achieving. Just as important, we provide you with a monthly accounting of everything down to the last colon. We are responsible! Now imagine a company like us that promotes your house through our website as well as the network of contacts we have established.

We handle your reservation process from soup to nuts, collect payments, prepare the house for arrivals, provide a welcome pack, greet your rental clients, require each client to complete a registration form and this is also reflected accurately on your monthly statement. .

All records and receipts are always available for your review. Our company has years of experience in the United States in condominiums, hotels, business administration and years working with Costa Rica. Our reputation stems from the total communication we provide where you feel comfortable knowing your interests are in the best hands! We are proud to provide as many references as you may need.